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How to find a plumbing leak.

Think you have a leak in your water lines? Here are some tips to make sure before calling LeakSnoops.

1. Go to your water utility supply meter box, usually located near the street.. Many will have a meter that looks like the face on a clock, found under a brass hinged cover. There should be a small red triangle located near the main hand on the "clock". This is a leak indicator and will spin when there is water passing through the meter. If no water is being used on your property, this meter should not be moving. Some very small leaks, however, may not move the triangle.

2. If the leak indicator is not moving, but you still think you have a leak, mark the hand on the "clock" with a piece of tape. Make certain no water is used for several hours, all day if possible. Be sure to shut off any appliances that use water, such as an ice maker or water softener. Afterward, check to see if the hand has moved. If it has moved you probably have a very small leak.

3. Check all of your hose spigots and make sure none are leaking, including the packing glands around the stems of the handles.

4. Put a few drops of food dye into the water tanks on the back of all the toilets in the house. If, after an hour, the water in the toilet bowl shows the food dye, your toilet tank seat is leaking.

5. Be sure to turn on any appliances that were shut off during this process.

6. If you have determined you do indeed have a leak call us at 727 656 0596 and we can help with more information or a service call.

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